Original Oil Paintings
Displayed below are some of my resent oils and are offered for sale, directly through me or through one of
the fine art galleries that represent me.  Please contact me to arrange for sale and delivery.  
Unless otherwise specified when your painting arrives it will be framed, wired and ready to hang.   You may
also purchase any painting without the frame at a reduced price.
Okemo from the Newton Farm
13x32 unframed - $650
Old Apple Tree
8x10 framed - 13x15 overall
Robert Sydorowich, 4219 East Hill Rd., Andover, VT 05143
Mt. Mansfield Summit
7x15 unframed - $400  
Ascutney Mountain
8x10 unframed - $250
West River, Weston
8x10 unframed - $250
Okemo Mountain
8X10  unframed - $250
Nancy Brook, Boynton Hollow
8x20 framed - 12x24 overall
Camel's Hump
5x17 unframed
 - $400
Farm in Chester
9x12 framed - 14x17 overall
East Hill Vista, Andover
4x16 framed - 6x17 overall
Robert Sydorowich
Vermont Impressionism
Depot Street, Ludlow
11x14 framed - 17x20 overall
Corn and Autumn Clouds
8x6 framed - 13x11 overall
The White Truck
16x20 framed - 22x26 overall
The Black River in Springfield
9x12 framed - 14x17 overall
Golden Rod
16x20 framed - 22x26 overall
Making snow on Okemo
Dutton Sugar House
8x10 framed - 13x15 overall - $300
September Corn
8x10 unframed - $300
Along the Great River
8x20 framed - 12x24 overall
Alfalfa in Wells River
4x6 framed - 9x11 overall  
Wallingford Barnyard
16x20 framed - 21x25 overall
Dorset Mt. Farm
8x10 framed - 13x15 overall
Heifers in the Paddock
15x20 framed - 19x24 overall
Black River in Cavandish
4.5x15 unframed -  $300
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